A local teacher’s bag was stolen. The keys to the school had a GPS tracking chip

Editor’s note: This blotter is compiled from recent Gig Harbor police reports.

He swapped his shoes, but officers noticed

On Oct. 2 an officer was patrolling in the parking lot near Famous Footwear, 5151 Borgen Blvd.

The officer observed a vehicle with a group of people inside.

A woman walked away from the car and went toward Target. A man exited the vehicle and walked into Famous Footwear.

Another man in the vehicle caught the officer’s attention, according to the police report.

He was constantly looking around, both inside and outside the car. This is something the officer said he constantly sees when someone is acting as a “lookout.”

After a few minutes the man that went into Famous Footwear came out wearing a different pair of shoes than the ones he wore in.

Video footage confirmed he stole them and swapped his shoes for new ones, the report said.

The officer contacted the suspect who admitted he stole the shoes, according to the police report.

While in custody police found a debit card that did not match his name and pain pills containing fentanyl.

The suspect told officers the card belonged to a friend who let him borrow it at the casino the night prior.

The officer issued his a written notice of trespass, took possession of the debit card, gave him a drug referral card, then released him from the scene.

Expensive tools left in truck bed

On Oct. 3 an officer was dispatched to Home Depot at 5120 Borgen Blvd.

The officer met a man who said he parked his truck in the parking lot and went inside the store.

When he returned, he noticed that six Milwaukee tool boxes had been stolen out of the bed of the truck, according to the police report.

The boxes contained about $6,000 worth of tools.

The officer made contact with Home Depot employees to obtain video footage. The footage cannot be accessed at the store, so the case number and request for footage was emailed to the company.

4 handguns stolen

On Oct. 3 officers met a man at the station who said he noticed four of his handguns from his safe were missing.

He told officers his safe can be accessed with a code electronically and it had no damage.

He also said he had not been in his safe for at least six months.

The officer had Gig Harbor records personnel enter the pistol as stolen.

Homework assignment grades postponed

On Oct. 1 a teacher at Peninsula High School parked his car at his residence once he got home.

Inside the car he left his work bag full of student assignments/homework and his work keys to the building.

The keys have a GPS tracking chip.

When he went to get in his car the following morning, Oct. 2, he noticed the bag and keys were missing. He called the police and told them where the GPS said the items were.

The teacher and officers went to the location, where they saw his bag inside a vehicle at an apartment.

The police contacted the resident who owned the car. She told officers a friend borrowed her car the night before, according to the police report.

She told the officer she understood her rights and did not want to talk to the officer.

The officer told the owner of the vehicle he was impounding her vehicle.

She then said she wanted to talk, to try and stop the impound. The officer told her it was too late, the report said.

The officer followed the tow to the Gig Harbor impound area and applied for a search warrant.

He then called the teacher and told him someone will call him within the next week to update him on his stolen items.

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