British Mourners Give Meghan Markle The Cold Shoulder In Viral Video

As Prince Harry mourns the death of his grandmother in the UK, his wife Meghan Markle is right by his side. She joined him outside Windsor Castle this past weekend to greet members of the public paying tribute to the late Queen. While most were happy to see the Dutchess of Sussex, not everyone was pleased with her presence back across the pond. In a video that has since gone viral, a few mourners are seen giving Markle the cold shoulder as she graciously approached to shake their hands.

The video shows Markle briefly leaving her husband’s side to greet mourners. As she makes her way down the line of people, she comes to one woman who is shown dropping her head, deliberately ignoring Markle. The woman who ignored Markle and one of her friends can be seen on camera giggling after snubbing the Dutchess. Always an example of poise, Markle appeared to shrug and laugh off the incident, swiftly moving on to meet more mourners.

Others also ignored Markle, turning their heads away from her and awkwardly adjusting their hair and clothes to avoid shaking the Dutchess’ hand.

Reactions to the incident have been mixed online. Markle supporters were outraged, commending her class amid the woman’s rude response, while royalists understood where the woman was coming from.

“I don’t know how Meghan Markle has the brass neck to walkabout in London shaking the hands of British people after the mud she has thrown at the Royal Family. I wouldn’t have shaken her hand,” one Twitter to use wrote.

“You can go on Oprah. You can write a book You can do a podcast And it was all blown away by the Lady in Blue,” wrote another.

One user wasn’t as impressed with the snubber’s behavior.

Sad, boorish, rude behavior by this Brit. The King wished them well in his speech, but some Brits (a la Piers Morgan) are just cruel & unforgiving. Disrespectful nobody. Woman goes viral after video captures her brutally snubbing Meghan Markle,” they tweeted.

And another pointed out that no matter what Markle does, the British press will criticize her.

“BREAKING: The British media have explained they’re extremely angry at Meghan Markle for turning up. They have also confirmed they would’ve been absolutely disgusted if she’d stayed home,” they tweeted.

For some, Markle being snubbed by the British public was uncomfortable to watch.

“The level of discomfort I feel at the video up and down my feed where Meghan Markle is shaking people’s hands and dealing with snickering, rude racists just feels…so weird. I’ve watched more graphic, explicit shit, but a few seconds of that and I was like nope, keep scrolling,” a Twitter user wrote.

While all of the British public may not have the warmest feelings for the Dutchess, King Charles III made it clear that it’s all love within the family, CNN reports.

‘I want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continued to build their lives overseas,’ he said in his first speech as King. Many are describing it as an “olive branch” moment for the Duke and Dutchess.

As for Markle, she has always sung the praises of the late Queen. She told Oprah Winfrey in 2021 that the Queen “has always been wonderful to me,” Distractify reports.

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