Detroit Tigers’ Austin Meadows to miss rest of season for mental health

Detroit —Unless you’ve struggled with mental illness, especially if you struggled with it in the public glare, you can’t know the courage it took for Tigers outfielder Austin Meadows to come forth with his struggles.

In a statement he released on his own Friday afternoon, he wrote:

“This season has been an unfortunate with a series of injuries and illnesses, from dealing with vertigo early on, then COVID, to bilateral tendinitis in my Achilles, then having to go through the rehab process each time.

“What I have told very few people is that I also have been struggling with my mental health in a way that has extended my time away from the game that I love so much. I’ve been dealing with this privately with a great team of professionals, but I need to continue to put in the hard work off the field towards feeling mentally healthy.

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