Google’s final Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch release dates may have just been revealed

Pre-announced (yes, that’s apparently a thing now) all the way back in May, Google’s refined new high-end handsets and almost mythical first-ever smartwatch are officially scheduled for a… proper (and detailed) second announcement in just a few weeks.

Everything we already know about the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch will either be confirmed or debunked on October 6, and the very few details that haven’t (convincingly) been leaked yet should finally get a full reveal ahead of a commercial release… sometime before the end of the year.

When will you be able to buy the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro?

That, our friends, is one of the most important questions Google has left unanswered even after all of the recent teasers and unconventional publicity stunts, but if we are to trust the unofficial information gathered by a German blog (translated here) from “Google partners”, this is the most likely timeline right now:
  • October 6 – pre-order start at Google and major retail “partners”
  • October 18 – delivery date for early adopters
While this “Caschy” character is not exactly a well-established tech leaker with a long and rock-solid track record, Roland Quandt appears to you for both his general credibility and (especially) the reliability of this particular new rumor.

Quandt, who is most definitely a trustworthy and prolific mobile industry insider, recently tweeted some rather disheartening Pixel 7 and 7 Pro storage info while also predicting a shipping start for both Google-made devices “within two weeks after the launch event on October 6.”

Since that was a little vague, Quandt is now ready to essentially corroborate the exact October 18 release date, although as “Caschy” warns, nothing is set in stone yet and delays or “short-term changes” could enter the equation to disrupt Big G’s currently planned schedule until the eleventh hour.

October 18, mind you, would mark an earlier (not to mention presumably wider) commercial debut than last year’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, which were however able to reach their first owners just nine days after an October 19 announcement compared to the 12 days Google is expected to take between a launch and a release this fall.

When will the Pixel Watch be released?

For a multitude of reasons, that’s an even harder question to answer, with very few guesses ventured so far by our most trusted tipsters on Twitter and across the world wide web.

While a few wave and somewhat bleak forecasts circled the latter stages of November, Wear OS enthusiasts may not be kept waiting that long for their highly anticipated premium Apple Watch alternative after all.

November 4 is today tipped as the possible delivery date of Google’s first Pixel Watch units, which is indeed later than what’s expected of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro but not by as much as some of you may have feared.
It’s currently unclear if pre-orders for this circular stunner are set to kick off on the same October 6 date as the Pixel 7 smartphone duo, although that feels like a pretty safe bet.
Meanwhile, you should most definitely not expect the Pixel Tablet to make its commercial debut at any (remaining) point in 2022, but a new low-cost Chromecast streamer with Google TV and a bundled remote is virtually guaranteed to see daylight soon (possibly, even before October 6) alongside some other (unknown) smart home stuff.

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