Paralyzed Woman Drags Herself Down Airplane Aisle To Use Bathroom: VIDEO

On a recent flight aboard AlbaStar Airlines, Jennie Barry of London, England had a humiliating, entirely preventable experience. AlbaStar is a privately owned Spanish airline for scheduled commercial and charter flights.

Barry—who uses a wheelchair—released a video on her Twitter showing how she had to drag herself down the aisle of a plane to get to the bathroom after the flight staff left the accessibility tool ‘aisle wheelchair’ at the gate.

The flight attendants would not help Barry. One is overheard saying she should think about using a nappy—also called a diaper—for future flights.

The video can be seen on Barry’s Twitter, @WheelieGoodLife.

Barry booked a plane ticket with the understanding there would be accessibility accommodations—standard in the airline industry—available on the plane.

Upon arriving at the plane and embarking, Barry found a key accessibility tool—a wheelchair narrow enough to go up and down the aisles of an airplane—was left at the gate. This plus not being allowed to get a seat closer to the bathroom, led to the circumstances of the video.

Reactions included outrage and empathy. But a lot of ignorance, ableism and prejudice about people with disabilities was also shared online.

There was valid outrage on Barry’s behalf.

But then there were a lot of people asking “why couldn’t the person filming help?”

People replied that was not the point.

People noted the incident as an example of how facing the world with disabilities means confronting every day a system inhospitable and sometimes downright cruel.

Thanks to Barry for sharing her story.

Shame on not just Albastar Airlines and the flight crew on this plane, but on a system that turns accessibility accommodations into a lottery of how people are (mis)treated going from point A to point B.

Do better.


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