Ryan Poles Openly Reveals Where He’ll Be Scouting Next

One thing everybody accepted about Ryan Pace was his secrecy. The man went out of his way to avoid giving away details of anything he did. That was his preference, even if it didn’t always make sense. It is already obvious that Ryan Poles is nothing like him. While he accepts the need not to give away certain details, the new Chicago Bears GM isn’t bashful about being open with the media on his process for building the roster.

That first became evident when he revealed that he had personally watched tape with Justin Fields before the 2022 draft. It was a big reason the team selected Velus Jones out of Tennessee. Not much has changed since then. Poles appeared on Bears All-Access with Jeff Joniak to talk about where things stand and where they’re going. With one off-handed comment, he even revealed his weekend plans for where he’ll be scouting for the 2023 draft next year.

It’s so refreshing to hear openness from the GM.

Based on Poles’ comments, he and assistant GM Ian Cunningham are most likely attending the TCU-Colorado game on Friday night. They’ll have some fascinating leads to watch. Chief among them is Horned Frogs wide receiver Quentin Johnston. The big 6’4 kid had 634 yards and six TDs on just 33 catches last season. His mixture of size and deep speed make him a hazard for any defensive back having to cover him.

On the other sideline, one Colorado name Poles may have circled is Tommy Brown. A transfer from Alabama, he is a mammoth guard at 6’7, 330 lbs. He has plenty of power in the running game and enough length and athleticism to handle himself well in pass protection. The offensive line will be a priority for this GM moving forward. Don’t be surprised if Brown’s name gets mentioned a few months from now.

Ryan Poles may not be done after that game either.

He mentioned two other stops as well. That could mean he’ll be catching a flight to watch the Oregon-Georgia matchup on Saturday. Then 24 hours later, he might be there for a primetime battle between Florida State and LSU. The Bears GM will have caught three games in a 72-hour span. It was always obvious the man was a grinder, but this is pretty impressive. The fact he’s doing it so soon after acquiring seven new players off the waiver wire makes one appreciate it even more.

There will be no shortage of top prospects to watch in those games either.
  • Jalen Carter (DT, Georgia)
  • Kayshon Boutte (WR, LSU)
  • Kelee Ringo (BC, Georgia)
  • Noah Sewell (LB, Oregon)
  • BJ Ojulari (EDGE, LSU)
  • Nolan Smith (EDGE, Georgia)
  • Arik Gilbert (TE, Georgia)

There is a strong possibility most of those names listed will be 1st round picks next April. Several of them would meet big needs for the Bears’ roster. It makes sense Ryan Poles would want to target those games. They all feature key talents that can help his roster, particularly his young quarterback. No days off for this man. He is committed to making this franchise a winner again. That can only be done through relentless hard work.

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